Dear Ashley Village Residents

We hope you are keeping well at this time.

We are keen to safely keep the Rec, tennis, petanque, cricket nets and football nets open for village use.  As you know, the children's playground has been forced to close. 


Subject always to everyone exercising social distancing - 2 people kicking a football at the goals in the field is fine. Jill has very kindly mowed the Rec area as Kettering are too busy at the moment.  

For the time being- on the MUGA tennis court, only tennis can be played- strictly no football or 5 aside. 


As a temporary measure we are changing the way the facilities are to be booked and used.  The position will always be under ongoing review. We have seen the guidance from the Lawn Tennis Association and have sought advice from Kettering Council -and the Council Parks Safety Officer who inspects the parks and playgrounds has confirmed that the Council is happy for us to continue using the court on a limited basis (detailed below) as our village tennis court is not part of a club or registered sports facility.  We have also sought medical advice /scientific advice regarding the transmission of the Covid virus on metal and other surfaces. 

Booking procedure for the tennis court:

Suspension of using the wooden cabinet on stable door. Instead email Suzanne Packer ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) who will set you up with a log in on and you can then book the court online

When you have your log-in you can book a court for the current day and for the following day in single hour blocks. Please do not book more than 2 separate hour slots per day per family.  If it becomes very busy- this may have to be limited to 1 a day.  As administrator Suzanne can see who has booked. has been set up and provides a 30 day free trial.  Thereafter if we want to continue it will be £50 per year - a few pounds per family who uses the facility. The website only holds the member's name and their email address- no other info at all. Only the administrator can access that information. 

Using the tennis court:

The gate to the tennis court will have a combination number lock installed.  Suzanne will email the combination number to users when you are set up. DO NOT SHARE THE CODE WITH ANYONE. The rear entry gate will be permanently locked. These are temporary measures during the Covid outbreak.  Use a tissue / t-shirt to use the lock and open the gate and also to raise and slacken the net. We are seeking to secure a bottle of hand sanitiser for the court. Let Suzanne know if youve seen anywhere with any stock! Once the net has been raised - use the hand sanitiser (or bring your own) and enjoy your game of tennis!  If when you arrive the hand sanitiser is not there- phone Suzanne straight away so she can check who was on the court when it disappeared! (If you arrive at the court and the sanitiser is not there, and you dont inform Suzanne- you may be held responsible for its loss.) There are no other surfaces that players need to touch. Your tennis partner can hold the pump of sanitiser in their palm while the other player locks the padlock (leaving sanitiser locked inside the court)!  It may prove easier to bring our own

The court is for singles or doubles play within family units. This will limit the chances of transmitting the virus. It then doesnt matter that you are sharing balls- because you already share a home! Caution should be exercised with non-family members players each other- although the 2 metre rule can be adhered to, you would need different coloured / identifiable balls and only singles is permitted.

As before, no hand shakes / hi-5s, no food or drinks on court (other than own water bottle), no bikes /scooters on court. Clean shoes only. Please remove any sticks. No tennis ladder for now sadly.


There are 2 'pistes' and the numbers are to be limited to 2 players per piste. 4 max on the entire area. 2 metre social distancing rule must be strictly applied.  No booking system necessary for now- will be introduced if necessary. As always- only use your own balls, and dont pick up others. 


Easy to exercise the 2 metre rule 

We want to keep our facilities open and we hope that everyone can do their bit to minimise and transmission risks. 

Any questions - let Suzanne know

Suzanne Packer 

MUGA Committee Chair





 With grateful thanks to David Ross, the Parish Council has secured the lease for the new Ashley Recreation Ground. We now have six and a half acres in the heart of Ashley which is protected for the long term through Fields in Trust.


After much work securing grants and help from a committed team of the APC and volunteers the tennis court, cricket nets and Petanque area are now open for use. 


See here for an A4 sheet covering the rules for using the MUGA sports area.


Please click here for the Code of Conduct for the Ashley Recreation Ground.


Please click here for the criteria for use as a Wedding venue.


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