Friends, Romans & Countrymen!

Did you know that Ashley has an interesting history of occupation during Roman Britain? Well, now we have the evidence that you can hold in your hand. In August 2017 Vic and Nic struck the proverbial gold, 2 feet underground, whilst metal detecting. They dug and scraped and uncovered a large rim of a bowl and then part of the base. Over 200 small and larger pieces were eventually  unearthed. The bowl isn't valuable as it isn't gold or silver, but it is of great historic interest to local museums, as rarely are items found with so many larger pieces still intact. The FLO sent it to the British museum for identification. They certified the bowl as a rare Roman item dated 300 - 400 AD. It is made of copper alloy and potentially is a ceremonial or water bowl.


The bowl has been loaned to Kettering Museum and is being displayed from September 2018 to January 2019 and efforts will be made to raise money for restoration. Once the display has finished it will be donated to them.


Why not go and take a look at the find from Ashley? It is free entry to Kettering Museum and you can donate what you can to preserve this beautiful and rare item. 

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